We are often asked, what is a Skiff? This is an excellent question as the definition of a skiff has blurred a great deal in recent years even from the already vague dictionary standard dictionary entry of “any of various types of boats small enough for sailing or rowing by one person”.

Skiff Life’s Bateau SK14 Microskiff Build
Skiff Life’s Bateau SK14 Build

For Skiff Life‘s intent and purposes these are boats that are usually 21′ or less and used mostly in inshore waters where a shallow draft is needed to reach shallow or “skinny” water not accessible by other fishing boats. Both Tiller or remote console style boats fit within this range. Depending on size (big difference between a 14′ and 21’) these boats can hold up to 4 people comfortably and when we mean comfortably, we mean slinging fishing rods, so any more than this many people and you start piercing lips, ears, eyes and noses. Not good.  Some will say a skiff is a flat bottom boat and they too are correct, but our definition is placed more on the function of the boat than the shape of the bottom.

Today anglers enjoy a tremendous selection of skiff style boats to choose from, there literally is a skiff for every desired function and budget.  Here is a list of current builders doing some amazing things with small skiff craft.

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Skiff Builders (Alphabetical Order)

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